Read Among Us

Unfortunately, there seems to be a time limit on embedded feeds from Twitter, so they are no longer available to view on this page.

You can read Among Us directly on Twitter by searching the hashtag #au_tf, or see the behind the scenes tweets with a search for #au_twitfic.

Or, for an even more navigable record of the story from the beginning, see Among Us directly on Storify.


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Countdown to Among Us
Story begins in...March 15, 2014
They are Among Us...
Among Us discussion
Emma Pooka

I am currently working towards a Ph.D. in the narrative time and poetics of blog fiction, which mostly means writing stories on the internet. I also teach HE courses in prose writing and writing for children.

I enjoy non-hierarchical organising, collective direct action and knitting, all of which are easier to get the hang of than most people think.

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